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"Transform organic waste in a decentralized way"

Our pilot project in Anderlecht 

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Mission: Bienvenue

Find organic residues


Fruits and vegetables

What was commonly known as waste is used by Wastech as its main raw material. Finding a stable and quantitative amount of organic waste is essential for insect rearing. The food market at the slaughterhouse site in Anderlecht generates 7 tons of unsold fruits and vegetables every week. Making it the perfect experimental ground for Wastech’s technological development.

Black Soldier Fly culture

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Upcycling tool

As explained, our larvae grow on organic waste and transform them into stable proteins and fats in a period of +- 15 days. Wastech’s condensed technology allow us to solve the problem on-site. Avoiding heavy transportation of waste while creating added value on a local scale.

Insect based fish feed

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Protein / Fat / Frass

At the end of our rearing process, we recover a multitude of valuable elements. Namely frass and our larvae. The larvae are then processed to extract the quality proteins and fats. Which are environmentally friendly substitutes to soja protein and palm oil. Indeed, we use them to create fish feed for our onsite partner BIGH Farm, EU’s biggest urban aquaponic farm. Less known, the frass collected at the end of the process is a mix of undigested fruits and vegetables and insect excreta. Forming a powerful and organic soil amendment that will replace imported chemical fertilizers.

Mission: Thématiques
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